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Covid-19 Protocols

Posted in Promotions & News on Monday, 30 August 2021.

Covid-19 September 2021 Update

Please note that from 1st September 2021, we will be relaxing our Covid- 19 restrictions as all our staff have now received their second Covid-19 vaccinations.

The door however, will still remain locked as we maintain social distancing as far as possible in light of the high infection rates of Covid-19 in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Our staff will not be required to wear masks and the public should use their own judgement on whether they wish to wear a mask whilst in the Spa.

All appointments will still need to be booked in advance and no walk in will be permitted.

Our policy for 30 minute plus appointment times are still being adhered to as we continue with our stringent cleaning down policy in between appointments.


Payment For Treatments

With effect from 1st September 2021, clients will be required to pay in full at the time of booking, which will allow us to work more efficiently when arriving and departing clients.

Please call us on 0117 9624965 for further clarification.

Hair Restoration & Regeneration After Transplants

Posted in Promotions & News on Thursday, 01 October 2020.

Platelet-Rich Plasma To Stimulate Hair Re-Growth


Have you just had a hair transplant and want to maximise the results or worried about thinning hair?

There is a treatment that can stimulate hair re-growth which has been used for sometime now to treat the face and body. PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma, uses the clients own blood to obtain growth factors from the protein enriched plasma which you produce which is used to promote healing and re-growth.

PRP is a Doctor led treatment which is administered by our affiliated Dr, Caro Beggin, who is highly skilled in all aesthetic treatments, including treating clients suffering with hair loss.

PRP therapy injections are a proven solution to hair loss as it directly injects the areas of the hairline which need treating. With hair loss, PRP is used to stimulate the growth of new hair or when hair has been transplanted to improve follicle viability during and after transplantation. PRP enhances all forms of healing and regeneration of the scalp.

What is Involved During Treatment?

Dr Beggin will obtain the clients blood and then it's spun in a centrifuge, which separates the red cells from the plasma. The plasma is then re-injected into the scalp. 

Is The Treatment Uncomfortable?

The treatment is minimally invasive and quick to administer so your level of discomfort should be minimal as well.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of sessions and price will be determined on consultation, once Dr Beggin has had the opportunity to discuss treatment options with you. It is possible to have a consultation and treatment on the same day.

Please call us for more details on 0117 9624965. Our next hair loss clinic is on Monday 5th October and the clinic date for November is Monday 30th.