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Salon Etiquette

pamperbananaman understands there's a first time for everyone...

...and even some of the more experienced salon goers aren't exactly sure of the do's and don'ts, so here's a handy guide to ensure you get the most from your experience and also spare you from any red-faced embarrassment or being asked to leave the premises.


    • What to wear, or not to wear, is a surprisingly big concern when it comes to spa treatments.


Once our therapist has greeted you, they should say what clothing to take off, leave on, where to put it and how to position yourself. They will then give you a few minutes of privacy to get sorted.



The usual rule for massage or body treatments is to remove clothing and jewellery a just leaving on your under wear unless you’re having intimate waxing, pop yourself on the bed and cover yourself with the large towel provided.


    • Do you do specials?" is not on the menu. So, don't ask. 


    • Please note that any inappropriate behaviour or language will result in the termination of your treatment even if the job is still half done.


    • Should an awkward situation naturally arise then there's no need to panic. These things happen. We promise there will be no pointing, staring or public acknowledgement.


    • Remember that this is your time. If it's too warm or too cold, please let the therapist know. The same goes for talking. Don't feel obligated to chat; it's not about making new friends but if conversation helps you chill out feel free to do so. Our therapists will follow your lead.


    • Please be considerate of our staff and stay conscious of wiffy odours. Please bathe or shower prior to arriving at the salon. 


We have a friendly and welcoming team, keen to please and intent on making your experience as pleasurable as possible. Please don't be embarrassed or hesitant should you have any other questions, comments or concerns, all will be treated confidentially.


Otherwise, enjoy your time with us.